Adult Class-Sunday Morning

 Leader: Pastors
St John's

Meeting Day(s): Sundays
Meeting Time: 9:15-10:15 am
Adult Bible Class
September 9th - December 23rd
(Upstairs in the Bible Class room off the Sanctuary)

September 9th-October 21st—The Gospel of Mark 
Mark’s Gospel is the shortest of the four gospels, action-packed and with time and attention spent on sinners and outcasts, those hurting and in need. And does your Jesus have compassion and mercy on those in need?!? Join us as we start at Mark chapter 1 verse 1, and see where this study takes us. Through the Evangelist Mark will go through the hills and valleys to the place where all true Christian theology leads: Calvary’s cross and Easter’s empty tomb

October 28th and November 4th—Reformation Insights
Dr. Wade Johnston from Wisconsin Lutheran College will join us as we celebrate the 501st Anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation.  Pr. Johnston has preached and presented often in the past at St. John’s and has written and lectured extensively throughout our church body and beyond. Make plans now to attend. (More information about Dr. Johnston can be found at 

November 11th-November 25th—Gospel of Mark
We’ll continue our study of Mark’s Gospel as noted above. 

December 2nd-December 23rd—End Times/Eschatology
We enter a new church year with hearts and minds focused upon the Advent of our King.  Jesus will return.  We live in the last days/end times.  We will look at the different prophecies in Scripture and receive comfort and peace in the promises of our Savior and His victory that is ours.  We need not fear await with eager expectation for our Savior to return. 

Adult Bible Class is for:
+Life-long Lutherans and Christians
+People who just joined the church or are visiting
+Those who love asking and answering questions
+Those who want to sit back and not be called on
+Those who've attended for years
+Those who've never attended

"These are written that you may have life..." -Jesus Christ, John chapter 5


For it is by his grace that we have been saved through faith, and this faith was not from you, but it is the gift of God. ~ Ephesians 2:8