Recommended Reading
Holy Scriptures
The Lutheran Study Bible--A very comprehensive study Bible. Uses the English Standard Version

Here's a link to a book Pastor reviewed for our Seminary's Continuing Education website:
Dying to Live

Book of Concord--contains both of Luther's Catechisms and the other confessions of the Lutheran Church. This edition is an easy-to-read translation with a number of introductory and explanatory notes.
Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions--A Reader's Edition

Theology of the Cross--A Reflection on His Cross and Ours--The holy cross is where Christ died for the sins of the world. Christians are also called on to "bear the cross" for the sake of Christ. This most helpful book has much to say to your life under Christ.

The Narrow Lutheran Middle--Following the Scriptural Road--The tendency can be to favor one teaching of Scripture over against another. This helpful book looks at what Scripture has to say, and teaches us not to say more or less.

An Uncompromising Gospel--Pastor Wade Johnston (formerly a pulpit assistant at St. John's), has written a lesson on Lutheran theology with applications for today. Released in January 2017 for the 500th Anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation.

A number of essays can be read at our Seminary's website. You can search by Scripture, Topic, or Author
Seminary Essay File

Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod 
Information regarding our synod. Useful tools such as Question and Answer and Daily Devotions.

WELS Locator
Heading on vacation? Useful tool to locate WELS churches and schools close to your destination. 
Wisconsin Lutheran High School 
Located in Milwaukee right off of 84th and I-94, our congregation supports this 9th-12th grade ministry.

Luther Preparatory School
Located in Watertown, WI . One of our synod's two preparatory schools that focuses preparing future called workers for the church. Supported by St. John 's through our mission offerings to Synod.  (Our other synod prep school is located in Saginaw, MI,

Martin Luther College 
Located in New Ulm, MN . The WELS college of ministry that serves as to train our synod's future teachers and the undergraduate work of our future pastors. Supported by St. John's through our mission offerings to Synod.   
Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary 
Located in Mequon, WI . The last four years of our synod's pastor training program take place here. Supported by St. John's through our mission offerings to Synod.  
Wisconsin Lutheran College
An accredited college affliated with our synod in Milwaukee.

Northwestern Publishing House 
Our synod's publishing house. Many fine Christian books, gifts, etc. available online. 

What About Jesus
A website designed to answer questions for those who want to learn more about the Lutheran church.

Questions and Answers
Answers given to various submitted questions of teaching and practice in the Lutheran church.

For it is by his grace that we have been saved through faith, and this faith was not from you, but it is the gift of God. ~ Ephesians 2:8